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One Day Hair Dye

When you want to try a new look, or maybe you are going to a halloween party a one day hair dye is what you are looking for. Some things to consider are...

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One day hair dyes comes in many different forms

Sometimes it happens that you just want to change your hair color for just a day and you do not want a permanent change in your hair color so a one day hair dye could be as good option for you.

These one day hair dyes are very easily found as you can get them in many forms for example, there are sprays, gels and different sort of shampoos, which dye your hair temporarily. This one day hair dye can also give you some hair color ideas for the permanent dying for example you can dye your hair permanently if the color suits you. Another advantage of one-day hair dye is that it will not harm your hair as it is temporary so there is no ammonia or any other harmful chemicals added in it so in that way you will have the hair color at the same time no hair damage will happen to you. Then these temporary hair dyes also does not change the original color of your hair in anyway so they are good if you do not like your new look.

Things to consider before applying a temporary hair dye

Another thing about this one day hair dye is wet and oily, the tmporary one day dyes wont “stick” to your hair so make sure to dry your hair completely before applying the hair coloring. If you follow the instuctions the dye will stay on for normally two to three days, just enough time to give you a hair color idea.

So next time if you are preparing to dress up for a Halloween or a theme party, Do consider this option of one day hair dye for yourself as it will enhances your look at the same time will not damage your hairs and choose wisely as there are many different brands available for you to choose from.

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